Here's a little helper for those of you new to the world of Wars Eternal. Please, read it over, learn the game, and enjoy. Anything you don't understand, ask one of the In-Game Mods for help,

Hit Points = Your Health in battle, when it reaches zero/0, you must revive to continue.

Attack Power = Your Damage against other players and monsters.

Defense Stance = Your Defense against other players and monsters.

Dexterity = Your Ability to hit first and continue to hit first.

Concentration = Your Defense against Magic attacks, so basically, Magic Defense.

Constitution = How much your damage recieved is reduced by.

Intelligence = Your Magic Attack Power, making spells stronger. It doesn't show on Stat Screen.

Chance To Hit = Determines your chance of successfully hitting your opponent.

Management = The higher your Management %, the higher discount you recieve via Shops, reaching a maximum 20% discount with 100% Management.

Luck = Higher % means a better chance at recieving a drop.

Critical Hit = Higher % means a stronger critical hit, not a higher chance to get a critical hit like in a lot of other game.

Weapon: Adds to your Attack Power, making your hits stronger.

Helmet = Adds to your Dexterity, making your hits faster.

Chest Armour = Adds to Intelligence, making your spells stronger.

Gloves = Adds to Constitution, reducing the amount of damage you recieve even more.

Leg Armor = Adds to Concentration, making your Magic Defense better.

Spend God Gems = A place to use any God Gems you have.

Navigate = How you move your character on the map to find stronger monsters.

Attack A Player = Where you go to PK, or Player Kill, other players. Must be within 1,000 levels of someone in order to PK them.

Hospital = Where you go to revive/heal after a defeat, whether against a mob or another player, and once you find a spell to use, also where you restore your MP, or Magic Points.

Guild = Where you go to join or make a guild. Making one costs 1,000,000 gold plus gold to level up the guilds stats. Once in a guild, you can also look at guild members, guild stats, see how many guild battles you've won and lost, and see how much gold is in your guild bank.

Mines = Where you use the Mining Attempts, however many your nobility has, by buying/equipping a Pick Axe, and mining for ore. Once you possess the Destructive Pick Axe, prefferably the one from the Account Upgrade page for $10.00, you have the ability to try mining for GG, or God Gems, and also the Ultimate Ore, which adds 10,000 points to every stat when it's Smithed onto a piece of equipment.

Smithery = Once you have Ore, buy/equip a Hammer and you can come here to Smith the Ore onto your equipment, giving it an even better stat bonus.

Mail = This is where Ery-Mail is sent and recieved. When you write an Ery-Mail, you put in the recieving user's ID # found next to their name in chat or on the profile via Top Warriors - Search Players.

Teleport = This is where you go once you either rent or own a Teleporter to move on the Map freely without having to use Game - Navigate. You can either Rent for 30 Days via using 50 GG's, or Own via using 100 GG's on the Spend God Gems page, or go to the Account Upgrade page, all the way to the bottom, and Rent for 30 Days via $5, or Own via $10.

Stat Points = These are used to add to one or all of your Attacking and Defensive stats, you gain 2 Stat Points for every level you click for. You do not recieve Stat Points for levels obtained via Log In Bonus, or from AU's (Account Upgrades).

Upgrades = This is where you upgrade the class of your character with gold, they are as follows:

Figher --> Samuri (1,000,000,000 gold) --> Master Striker (Uber class, 5,000,000,000 gold)

Mage --> High Mage (1,000,000,000 gold) --> Mystical Mage (Uber class, 5,000,000,000 gold)

Bank = This is where you can store your gold, and also where you send other players Gold or God Gems if you trade or sell them to them.

Shop = This is where you can Buy or Sell equipment and weapons to and from the game, and this is the only place the Management skill works.

Trade Center = This is where players can sell their equipment or weapons to other players, you can either put it up for one specific player, or put it up so anyone that wants it can buy it.

Equip/Unequip = This is where you, well obviously, equip and unequip any weapons or armor you have. You are only able to hold one weapon and one of each piece of armor at a time.

Edit Account = This is where you can change your gender, change your password, and if you've AU'd your character for $50 or more, you have the VP or Vote Pass option, when ON giving you the option to not have to vote upon Daily Reset.

Vote = This is where, upon Daily Reset, players vote for the game to help promote the game to bring new players in. Yes, unless you AU your character for $50 or more it is required to vote, but please remember it's to help promote the game, and it's greatly appreciated by Eclipse and by the Game Staff.

Account Upgrade = This is where you spend real money to upgrade your character, which overall helps make the game better by supporting it, but it also helps you out by giving your character a wide array of bonuses.

Contact = This is where you can e-mail the Game Owner, Eclipse, personally about any problems or bugs you have with the game. Eclipse is very honest and dependable, so he will tend to any problems you have without hesitation.

Chat Commands = This is a list of the numerous commands you can use in chat to make different faces, lol. It's quite fun, actually. The dancing banana one is my personal favorite.

Radio(Coming Soon!) = Well, at you see the Radio is not implemented yet, but once in it's a place to enjoy Wars Eternal music and click to your favorite tunes.

Well, that's pretty much the roughed up version, any further questions and please, contact one of the In-Game Mods, like I said, we are always more than happy to help.

Helmet = Contributes To Dexterity

Chest Armour = Contributes To Intelligence

Gloves = Contributes To Constitution

Leg Armor = Contributes To Concentration....

Enjoy Wars Eternal!