1) Please do NOT use racial statements, or harass other players. You may not filter dodge. If you are caught in the act then you will be muted.

2) We do not allow multiple accounts. One account per person. If you have family sign up on the same IP (Computer) they cannot sign up on your refferal link. Consequences may lead to ban or jail.

3) If you find a bug please report it to the contact form or use mail in game. If you exploit the bug(Use it and don't tell me/ Use it multiple times then tell me) or use it to your advantage you will be jailed immediately and we will pend on if you should be deleted or not.

4) Macro's are not allowed except one which is sold on the purchase page! This is considered a cheat item otherwise. If you are caught using one you will be jailed for a day and if we catch you again then you are jailed for 3 days then Deleted.

5) Admins and moderators should be obeyed if you are not comfortable with what they have asked Message me! If you feel the need to disrespect them then you will be muted for 10 minutes and after being unmuted if the problem keeps happening you will be jailed till we deal with you.

6) No game link posting in the game. No referral links from other games either.

7) You may not talk about other games in chat use PM please. We have a specific forum in the forums for this. And along with the you may not trade between games(We just do not wish to do anything with it if you are scammed. we will not help you come back to the way you were.),

8) No scamming accounts/items/gold/ect.... We shouldn't have to give you a reason why. It's just wrong and stealing is just bad! So if you are caught in the act then you will be jailed and you will stay there for a day.

9) Flamming and making other players angry and then start an argument is allowed just do not go overboard. You can be muted up to 10min minimum. And if you keep bringing problems after this them you will be jailed until we get to you.

Have fun! Give people your referral link and get your friends playing. It would be nice to have someone to talk to in the chat ;)

Eternal Wars Entertainment Erylith Team